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Intelligent Solar Biopanel

Our patented technology, the Intelligent Solar Biopanel is a unique multipurpose system in the world, which is based on the use of microalgae and nanotechnology, generating energy while cleaning the air, providing an avant-garde design that allows take advantage of the buildings facades and regulate their temperature, generating you greater energy savings.

Energy Savings

Each Biopanel can generate up to 328 KWh/m2 per year. 

In addition, due to the thermal comfort that it can provide to buildings, up to 90 KWh / m2 per year can be saved.

Greener Cities

We improve air quality by mitigating from 200 Kg CO2/year and providing continuous oxygenation, promoting a circular economy that is reflected visually and tangibly by monitoring environmental data.

Smart Cities Acceleration

Automation and sensors of our biopanel will provide added value to your building, allowing you to show reports of sustainability and environmental regeneration of the area.

Unique technology in the world that offers you more than others

Green buildings increase + 10% of their value compared to traditional buildings, in addition to improving brand positioning and differentiation from the competition. Give your users a place to feel good and healthy.

Be part of the present and the consolidation of the future, mark history in the transition of Sustainable Cities and promote a Circular Economy in your region.  Develop unique architectural projects with an attractive avant-garde design.

Make your building smart,  share with everyone how you are helping to improve the planet in real time, and let your building speak for itself. Obtain environmental certifications and increasing the value of the site.

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