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Be part of extraordinary combinations of new technologies

Art, design, technology and nature in a single system

Cross unimaginable borders and chart the future of sustainability

Intelligent Solar Biopanel

Our patented technology, the Intelligent Solar Biopanel is the only multipurpose system in the world based on microalgae and nanotechnology that allows you save energy and provides well-being and health to your occupants, giving an unique and avant-garde design to your buildings. 

It can be placed in your buildings such as windows, walls or skylights.

Energy Savings

Achieve +10% savings in energy total demand costs of your building by decreased use of artificial light during the day and thermal comfort that it can provide

Design and Wellness

It promotes a quality environment with more natural lighting, the right temperature and a design that connects you with nature

Environmental certifications

Our technology helps to comply with environmental certifications by reducing the carbon footprint in energy efficiency and the absorption of CO2 from the environment

Unique technology in the world that offers you more than others

Green buildings increase + 10% of their value compared to traditional buildings, in addition to improving brand positioning and differentiation from the competition. Give your users a place to feel good and healthy.

Be part of the present and the consolidation of the future, mark history in the transition of Sustainable Cities and promote a Circular Economy of environmental benefits such as oxygenation, CO2 mitigation and environmental data.

Let your building be smarter than the competition and interact with your biopanels, know all its benefits through our app, monitor its operation and maintain communication with us. Share with everyone how you are helping to improve the planet in real time, and let your building speak for itself.

Awards and mentions


Top 10 worldwide Best Sustainable Projects

Chosen as one of the 10 best sustainable projects in the world by the Greenpreneurs program of the Global Green Growth Institute, being the only representative of the American continent.

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100 Solutions to mitigate Climate Change by G20 members

Presented as one of the 100 Solutions that seek to mitigate the effects of Climate Change and reduce CO2 emissions, by the Framework for Assessing Avoided Emissions: Mission Innovation.

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Best invention in Latin America by the MIT Technology Review

It is part of the mention of the Best Inventor of the Year in Latin America by the MIT Technology Review, where it previously selected 35 young innovators under 35 years of age from all over the region.

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Innovators for the Future 75 UN Future Projects

Futures Project is a global initiative to envision and create our futures with life-centred innovation, organised as part of the UN75 Global Conversation Initiative and welcomed by the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General.

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